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 2016 Mississippi State Pageant 

For Information about a preliminary in your area -- Scroll Down!

2016 Mississippi State Miss Heart of the USA

Ramada- Columbus

Columbus, Mississippi

July 23, 2016



There are only two ways to get to the

2016 Mississippi State Pageant 

1. Enter a local Preliminary and Win! Check out the current schedule of preliminaries below:  
2. Register to represent you County/City "At Large" :

** 2. Register to represent your County/City "At Large" :

You will spend your year representing your city/county riding in parades, making appearances and helping to feed the hungry in your community!

Special ... ONLY $99

that's $200 off the retail value of $299!!!

* Special Offered to the next 5 contestants *

Her Queen's Kit will include:

*Her beautiful Miss Heart of the USA City/County Queen's Sash

*Her sparkling NEW City/County Queen's Crown:

*Her rhinestone sash pin

*Her basic entry fee paid to the 2016 Mississippi State Pageant

*Her Mississippi State Pageant Welcome Packet

*Access to all official Miss Heart of the USA exclusive Queen's Groups

State Pageant Information




Your division is based on your age as of January 1st, 2016!

Baby Miss (Ages 0-11 months)

Tiny Miss (Ages 1-2 )  

Future Little Miss  (Ages 3-4 )   

Little Miss (Ages 5-7)

Petite Miss (Ages 8-10)

Junior Miss (Ages 11-13)

Teen Miss (Ages 14-16)

Miss (Ages 17-23) (Never Married, Without Children)

Ms (Ages 24 and Up)



Self-Introduction -  Little Miss - Ms. Divisions will do a self-introduction (must be under 1 minute). Attire for this self-introduction is Black Bottoms (Black Skirt, Pants or Capris) and Miss Heart of the USA Official State Pageant Tee Shirt.  Introduction should include (60 seconds) -- Name, Title and something that you have enjoyed or learned during your Miss Heart of the USA reign, your favorite Community Service project, etc.

Baby Miss, Tiny Miss and Future Little Miss Divisions will not do a self-introduction instead they will compete in their Miss Heart of the USA Tee Shirts and Black Bottoms (Black Skirt, Pants or  Capris) and be introduced by our emcee.

Formalwear -    Baby Miss, Tiny Miss and Future Little Miss Divisions will need a short pageant dress.  Little Miss may wear either a long pageant dress or a short pageant dress but it must be a pageant dress not a tea length or an heirloom.  Petite Miss - Ms. Divisions will need a long pageant dress. Contestants will be judged on personality, fit and style of garment (overall appearance), poise & smile (stage presence) and beauty.


Each City/County Queen gets one Photogenic entry (1 picture) free-- this is included in her over all entry fee

You may enter as many optionals as you like , there is a small fee ($45 if paid for by July 1, 2016......then it will be  $55) for each additional optional.  You may enter as many photos are you like, the first one is free, additional photos will be $15 in advance and $20 after July 1, 2016.

Photogenic - Your photos must be 8 by 10 (nothing larger, nothing smaller please).  They can be a head-shot or full body shot. Photos are scored on personality projection, clarity and overall photogenic qualities. Photos need to be turned into the Registration Desk as soon as you arrive at State.  You may enter up to six (6) additional photos.  The one photo with the highest score will be used as your photogenic score. All photos submitted must have the contestants name and age division on the back. Photos that do not have proper labeling will not be judged.  All photos must be picked up immediately following the completion of competition from the Registration Desk. 

Heart Themed  - This  area of competition is a chance for you to show us your sense of style. Get creative with your outfit! This outfit can be custom made or "off the rack".  Model like you are in a fashion show. You will be judged on overall appearance, stage performance and personality, and beauty.

Personal Interview-  This optional is for Little Miss Contestants through Ms Contestants.   The dress the same as your Self-Introduction (Your Miss Heart of the USA Official State Tee Shirt with Black Bottoms (Pants, Capris or Skirt).  A 3-5 minute interview with the judges focusing on how the contestants feels about the Community Service part of our Program....

Essay-  for Little Miss - Ms Divisions -- a one page essay entitled: "Why Community Service is important to me!"

****Miss Heart of the USA TRADITIONS:

******These events have truly become Miss Heart of the USA Traditions..........they are as much a part of our pageant as the competitions that count toward your overall score.   There will be a prize awarded for the divisional winners in both competitions and the overall winner of the Tee Shirt Design Competition will be crowned our Miss Fashionista and advance to Nationals 2016 (State Sash, Crown, State Queen's Prize Package and Basic Entry Fee Paid to Nationals 2016).

Community Service Scrapbook-Your year as a Miss Heart of the USA Queen- As a Miss Heart Of the USA Queen you are encouraged to get involved in your community. This can be by volunteering at a local children's hospital, working at your local food bank or getting involved with a local charity. . . We also want you to help promote the Miss Heart of the USA program and mission by riding in parades, making appearances at a local fairs/festivals etc., the opportunities are endless...the reward is that you will help to grow the number of contestants who compete in our pageants and therefore increase the number of hungry families we feed. To compete in this optional category use a scrapbook to keep a record or all the things you do to represent Miss Heart of the USA........Remember “It’s your reign......make it a great one!” ...... This Scrapbook must be turned in at check-in.  Your Community Service Scrapbook is JUDGED FREE!   Divisional Winners will receive on stage recognition and a Miss Heart of the USA Medal.

Tee Shirt Re-Design Competition (Miss Fashionista) - This is a true Miss Heart of the USA Original.  It began in North Florida and has become a huge part of the Miss Heart of the USA State and National FUN!  You have from the time you pick up your Tee Shirt at Check In until On Stage Introduction to Redesign or Redo or Bling Out your tee shirt!   Divisional winners will receive on stage recognition and a Miss Heart of the USA Medal........the overall winner will be crowned our 2016 Mississippi State Miss Fashionista and receive all the trimmings that go with being a state queen!  There is a small fee for entering this event  $35.

****Scoring and Prizes:

Your total score is compiled of your scores in Self Introduction, Formal Wear, your one highest score in the Optional Competitions.    One Photogenic entry (1 photo) is included in your overall entry fee.  You may elect to compete in all of the optionals  (there will be an additional charge for each additional optional).   In the case of a tie...we move to the next optional score...... it is advisable to enter as many optionals as possible. Scores are tabulated by computer!!!


OPTIONAL PRIZES: Optional Competitions will have a Divisional Winner!  Divisional Winners will receive a beautiful Miss Heart of the USA custom medal declaring her the Divisional Winner of that Optional (Heart Themed, Photogenic, Interview or Essay).

DIVISIONAL PRIZES:  Queens will receive a Miss Heart of the USA State Sash, beautiful
Signature Miss Heart of the USA State Queen's Crown, Rhinestone Sash Pin,  A Pampering Prize Package and their $499 entry fee paid to the Miss Heart of the USA National Pageant  in Orlando, Florida ....where they
 will compete for $7,000!

SUPREME BEAUTY Our Supreme Beauty will receive a Miss Heart of the USA State Sash, beautiful State Rhinestone Crown, Rhinestone Sash Pin, A Pampering Prize Package and their $499 entry fee paid to the Miss Heart of the USA National Pageant  in Orlando, Florida ....where they will compete for $7,000! (All Scholarship Money will be paid at Nationals!)

$500 in Cash!  
(All Scholarship Money is paid at Nationals and when you crown your Successor)


All County/City Queen have the opportunity to vie for these special "Signature Titles!" 

Please Note:   It is the Queens responsiblity to keep track of her monthly/yearly totals!   She must submit paperwork backing up her monthly totals to the State Office by the Fifth of the following month!   However, this is for proof of activity only!   The State Office does not keep track of your points, that is your must be prepared to submit a final total in all the "Signature Title" categories in which you wish to be considered at the 2016 Mississippi State pageant upon check-in!

 There is no extra charge to participate and all Queens are encouraged to do so. We recommend qualifying or registering as soon as possible, so you have as plenty of time to vie for these "Signature Titles" !   You may start working on your "Signature Title" points as soon as you have won a preliminary or registered as an "At Large Queen"--canned goods may be turned in all year long at any preliminary and will be credited towards "State" --we will keep track of your totals.  In addition, you will be given a receipt each time you turn in canned goods at a prelim.   Points can be earned for referring a contestant to any and all of our preliminaries, not just the one in which you participate. 

Queen of Hearts:    All of our pageants are food drives.  Contestants competing are required to turn in 25 nonperishable food items the day of the pageant.  Contestant are encouraged to work with their communities to collect additional nonperishable food items above and beyond their required 25. The contestant that turns in the most nonperishable food items during her reign will be crowned our Queen of Hearts.   
Our 2016 Queen of Hearts  will receive a Miss Heart of the USA 
State Sash, beautiful Miss Heart of the USA Signature State Queen's Crown,  Rhinestone Sash Pin, A Pampering Prize Package and her $499 entry fee paid to the Miss Heart of the USA National Pageant  in Orlando, Florida... where she will compete for $7,000! 

Community Queen: As a City/County Queen with the Miss Heart of the USA pageant, you are encouraged to participate in community service activities. In your queens kit you will receive tracking forms to be submitted monthly.    The contestant with the most "Community Service Hours" is awarded this title!

Our 2016 Community Queen will receive a  Miss Heart of the USA State Sash, Beautiful Signature Miss Heart of the USA Queen's State Round Crown, Rhinestone Sash Pin, A Pampering Prize Package and her $499 entry fee paid to the Miss Heart of the USA National Pageant in Orlando, Florida... where she will compete for $7,000!

Spokesmodel:  All City and County Queens are highly encourage to help promote the Miss Heart of the USA Pageant Program. Helping to promote the program increases our contestant numbers (which means more food for our food banks) and increases public awareness of our mission!  By referring others to our program, riding in parades, making public appearances, radio and TV interviews, etc.,  our SpokesModels are helping to build our program.   The contestant with the most SpokesModel points from the time she is crowned as a City/County Queen until our Miss Heart of the USA Alabama State Pageant 2016 will be crowned as our State SpokesModel!

Our 2016 Spokesmodel will receive a Miss Heart of the USA State Sash, the Miss Heart of the USA Signature State Crown, Rhinestone Sash Pin, A Pampering Prize Package and her $499 entry fee paid to the Miss Heart of the USA National Pageant in Orlando, Florida... where she will compete for $7,000!


Royal Miss:   This title is chosen by the general public, your family and friends and the audience. During the pageant the audience has the opportunity to vote for who they would like to see be awarded this title. Each vote is $1 (this money allows us to do FREE and low cost pageants that every little girl can participate in our program regardless of their ability to pay!) Our Royal Miss Queen will receive her State Sash, Crown and Prize Package and her entry fee paid to Nationals ($499 Value)

Miss Photogenic: This title requires that you have at least 3 photogenic entries in the competition! The judges will award this title based on your Queen's photogenic qualities not the ability of the photographer! Our Miss Photogenic will receive her State Sash, Crown and Prize Package and her entry fee paid to Nationals ($499 Value)


Queens are required to sell at least a one-quarter page ad in our 2016 Mississippi State Miss Heart of the USA Program Book ($100). You can do this by selling the advertising to a local business or my selling “Signatures for Sponsorship” to your friends and family.

Ask 10 friends and family members to give you a $10.  Get each of your 10 sponsors to print their name legibly on a "Signatures for Sponsorship" form.

This can count as your 1/4 page advertisement  $10 x 10 friends/family members = $100!  You have your 1/4 page ad!  We will include it in the program book with your photo listing the 10 friends and family members that supported you.


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