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2017 Duval County 
2017 Clay County
Miss Heart of the USA
We will be awarding $200 to our Supreme Title Winner at this Patriotic themed preliminary!
This special "DOUBLE HEADER" is a preliminary to the NEW
Southern Regional Pageant 
where we will be awarding $1000
This pageant will benefit the
Highlands Baptist Church Food Bank
For only $25 and 10 nonperishable food items you can compete for the title of
2017 Duval County's Miss Heart of the USA
double your chances of being a County Queen! 
 For only $45 and 20 nonperishable food items you will be registered to compete in the
2017 Clay County's Miss Heart of the USA
pageant as well!
Two pageants, one walk.
Highest point contestant in each division will be crowned Duval County. The next highest point in the division who entered the "Double Header", will be crowned Clay County.
Saturday, March 4, 2017
Ramada Inn Baymeadows
 9150 Baymedows Road
Jacksonville, FL   32256
This pageant is a preliminary to our 2017 Southern Regional Pageant
where we will be awarding $1000 in Scholarship Money!
$7000 will be awarded at Nationals!
Choose the areas YOU want to compete in.
A-la-carte or by the package.
The Mini package includes your registration for both county's, one photo entry, and themewear competition.
The All-In package includes your registration for both county's, five photo entries, themewear competition, and the prettiest eyes, hair, and smile optional.
The Supreme package includes everything in the All-In package plus entry into over-all supreme title.
Check out our registration specials.
Please use the registration form at the bottom of this page!
PAYMENT PLAN:  If you see a package you want, but can't send payment all at one problem. Submit the $25 base registration fee to reserve your spot in line-up. Then, email me with the package you are wanting and I will send you an invoice allowing you to make payments for the balance of your selected package. 
Registration options
Pageant name
Contestant name
Your division is based on your age as of January 1st, 2017!
Baby Miss (Ages 0-11 months)
Tiny Miss (Ages 1-2 years)

Future Little Miss (Ages 3-4 years)
Little Miss (Ages 5-7 years)
Petite Miss (Ages 8-10 years)
Junior Miss (Ages 11-13 years)
Teen Miss (Ages 14-16 years)

Miss (Ages 17-23 years, * unmarried/without children - if married or with children, you will be bumped to MS
Ms (ages 24 years +, not currently pregnant)
Attire: Attire for this pageant is OUTFIT OF CHOICE! Show us your sense of PATRIOTIC THEMED style. (No pageant gowns..........something cute and sassy.)  This can be custom made or off the rack! NO...butts, boobs, or bellies allowed.
Hair and Makeup:  We are not a Glitz Pageant! However, age appropriate makeup is permissible. We highly discourage the use of anything FAKE--such as flippers and wiglets! Please come completely dressed and ready to go on stage. There will be a bathroom available for minor touch ups but please arrive completely ready in your pageant attire with hair and makeup finished!
Competition Details: Contestants will do a walk of choice to upbeat music. We provide the music so you do not need to bring a CD. Model like you are in a fashion show! :)
Contestants in the Baby Miss through Future Little Miss Divisions must have an adult on stage with them at all times! Coaches standing behind the judges doing routines as their contestant is onstage is NOT acceptable. 
Please note that we do not consider a parent or grandparent waving and smiling at a baby on stage "coaching"......please do not stand behind the judge to do it, however!   COACHING is standing behind the judges (or beside your contestant on stage) and using hand gestures or body motions to direct your child to do specific moves or routines on stage!
Check In: Please DO NOT arrive early for check in. We have the check in time set so you have plenty of time to check in your food items and pick up your contestant number and fill out a contestant stage card.

Check In will begin at 11:00am-12:45pm
Pageant will begin at  1:00pm
Judging: Contestants will be judged on Overall Appearance, Stage Presence/Personality, and Beauty
TOTAL SCORE = Overall Appearance + Stage Presence/Personality + Beauty
Two winners in each of nine divisions will receive the Beautiful Signature Miss Heart of the USA County/City Queen's Crown,  Miss Heart of the USA sash, rhinestone sash pin and her entry fee ($299 Value) paid to the
2017 Southern Regional Miss Heart of the USA Pageant.
Second and third runner-Up in each division will receive a $200 Gift Certificate to be used towards their entry fee to the 2017 Southern Regional Miss Heart of the USA Pageant.
**************Our Signature Titles************
All of our pageants are "Pageants with a Purpose". We strive to teach our girls the importance of giving back to the community. Contestants are required to bring in a minimum of 10 Nonperishable food items (20 IF COMPETING IN THE DOUBLE HEADER-- The Contestant who is responsible for collecting and donating the most items is awarded our most prestigious title : "Queen of Hearts".
(The Miss Heart of the USA program reserves the right to crown more than one Queen of Hearts, if warranted.)
ALL items must be in bags/boxes and labeled with the contestants name and division.
Our "Queen of Hearts" will received her Miss Heart of the USA Queen of Hearts sash, her beautiful New Miss Heart of the USA County/City Queen's Signature Crown. rhinestone sash pin and her entry fee to our
2017 Southern Regional Miss Heart of the USA State Pageant!


Our "Spokesmodel" title goes to the contestant who is responsible for the most direct referrals to our Duval/Clay County Miss Heart of the USA Pageant.  To count a referral MUST BE NEW TO THE MISS HEART OF THE USA SYSTEM in order to count toward our SpokesModel title.   Members of your immediate houseshold DO NOT COUNT!  The referral must list you on her entry form when she does her registration.

Our Spokesmodel will receive the Miss Heart of the USA Spokesmodel sash,  a beautiful new Miss Heart of the USA City/County Queen's Signature Crown, Rhinestone Sash Pin and her Basic Entry Fee Paid ($299 Value) to our 2017 Southern Regional Miss Heart of the USA  Pageant!

**************TWO OPTIONAL TITLES************

Royal Miss
This title is voted on by the audience and grandmother and aunts ......etc.....
Each vote is $1 and the contestant with the most votes wins! She will receive a the beautiful new City/County Miss Heart of the USA Signature Crown,  Miss Heart of the USA Royal Miss Sash and entry fee paid to the 2017 Miss Heart of the USA Southern Regional Pageant ($299 Value). In addition. She will receive a special invitation and her ticket to the now famous "VIP Pajama and Pizza Party" at the 2017 Miss Heart of the USA Southern Regional Celebration... in her honor.
Money collected for the Royal Miss Title is to be turned in at the front desk. Please place it in an envelope with the contestants name, number and division clearly printed on the front.
Remember, this is a great way for grandmothers, aunts, uncles, etc. who cannot attend the pageant to still participate.
The Contestant must have a minimum of 50 votes for this title to be awarded. 
For absent friends and family members to vote using PayPal or Credit/Debit Cards, use the PayPal Button below.
Royal Miss Votes
Pageant Name
Contestant Name
May be entered at the door or reserve your spots by using the paypal button under the registration link above.
Each of nine divisional winners will receive the beautiful Photogenic Rhinestone Pin!  (To qualify for this divisional award you must have 1 photo entered into the competition!  one entry....$10)
The overall Duval/Clay County Miss Photogenic will be selected from the nine divisional winners......but to be our Miss Photogenic you MUST HAVE AT LEAST 3 Photos entered into the competition! ....(there is a 3 entries for $25 Special AND A 5 entries for $35 Special)  The overall 2017 Duval/Clay County Miss Photogenic will receive her special Miss Photogenic Sash, her beautiful Miss Heart of the USA City/County Queen's Signature Crown, her Rhinestone Sash Pin and her basic entry fee paid to our 2017 Miss Heart of the USA Southern Regional Pageant!
PHOTOS- Photos can be of any size and do not have to be professionally done. They can be a head-shot or full body shot. Photos are scored on personality projection, clarity and overall photogenic qualities. Photos need to be turned into the registration desk as soon as you arrive. Photos must be labeled with the contestant's name and division. No photos will be accepted that do not meet these requirements.
There will be an additional charge of $10 to enter the Photogenic Competition.....extra photos can be added at just $10 each....or see specials above!
All photos must be picked up immediately following the competition at the registration desk. Any photos not picked up will be discarded!
**Special Optionals!**
Enter the Best Outfit Optional for only $15. There will be a  Best Dressed winner from
each of the nine divisions......  the judges will pick their FAVORITE Outfit! EACH division winner will win a beautiful 13" trophy.
The "Prettiest" Optionals...........Prettiest Eyes, Prettiest Hair, Prettiest Smile.............3 Optionals with three divisional winners from each of the nine divisions.........a total of 27 winners...........a $30 Value
Winners of each optional will receive a Miss Heart of the USA Medal!
Special Titles:
Contestants crowned as either Cover Miss or Supreme will receive a special custom sash trimmed with AB stones, plus their crown and entry fee paid to the 2017 Southern Regional Pageant.
Cover Miss:  Contestants are able to purchase "Good luck" ads or sell business ads to be placed in the pageant program book. The contestant who sells the most, will be crowned our Cover Miss.  
                                               1/4 page ad       $25.00     2.5" x 4" approx.
                                               1/2 page ad       $40.00     5" x 4 " approx.
                                               Full page ad       $75.00     5" x 8" approx.
Ads should be submitted to in print ready format. Use the PayPal button below to purchase your ad. Deadline for printing is February 25, 2017.
Prelim Cover Miss
Pageant Name
Contestant Name
 Supreme Title and winner of $200 cash!!!
The contestant with the overall highest score will be crowned our Supreme Queen. In the event of a tie, the beauty score will be used to determine the winner. YOU MUST ENTER THE SUPREME PACKAGE TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THIS TITLE.
Each person entering the venue (except for the contestant) is required to purchase an armband. These armbands are $10. No exceptions! THIS INCLUDES INFANTS.
Other requirements:
*You must register based on your age as of January 1st, 2017
Questions??? contact me at


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